Terms of Use

Please read the regulations featured below carefully. An entitlement to use the "You and Europe" forum involves full compliance with the regulations below.

Art 1: Responsibilities

The forum administrators and moderators will do their utmost to delete or edit any  unacceptable messages as soon as possible but they cannot be expected to constantly review all the messages. Consequently, you are asked to acknowledge that any messages posted in this forum should be regarded as solely expressing the opinions of their individual authors and agree that the forum administrators and moderators may not be held liable for the views expressed here. We cannot guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness or the authorised value of any message.

Art 2: message content

Under the terms of these regulations you agree to refrain from posting any abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, threatening, sexual or advertising messages or any messages likely to violate the relevant laws.

Personal attacks on members are not allowed.

"Flooding" (objectively worthless messages, such as off-topic statements and personal messages) and "trolling" (unstructured opinions no more than one sentence long in a topic of discussion or a message intended to throw a discussion off balance) are strictly prohibited.

It is expressly forbidden to publish the following links :
- links to an illegal site,
- links to commercial sites, unless this fits in with the context of a discussion,
- links leading to a virus or a trojan,
- sponsorship links.

Your entitlement to use this service is dependent on your commitment to refrain from publishing messages that are inconsistent with copyright laws or operating licence requirements.

You must agree not to post messages that have a bearing on the use of fraudulent, pirated or counterfeited content.

You must agree to post messages solely in the four languages used in this  forum: English, French, Dutch and German.

As a member of this forum you must agree that if any of these regulations are violated the administrators and moderators are entitled to delete, edit, move or block any message or topic of discussion at any time without notice.

Should you come across a message that is incompatible with these conditions, please click on the  "report abuse" button, so a team member can check and delete the message if necessary.

Art 3: Action taken when the conditions of use are not observed

The action taken when the regulations are not observed could take the form of :
- a warning by a team member,
- warning,
- warning with the  account being temporarily disabled,
- banishment from the forum.

A banished account is permanently disabled and will not be reopened.

The IP for each message is recorded so as to help enforce these conditions.

Art 4: personal data

As a user you agree to allow any information you provide during registration to be stored in a database. This information will not be disclosed to any third party or company without your permission. However, the administrators and moderators cannot be held liable for this data being accessed owing to any hacking attempt. The cookies the forum uses so as to store information on your computer do not contain any information you may have provided during your registration. These cookies serve solely to improve the service. The  e-mail address is used solely to confirm your registration details and your password (and to send a new password should you forget it).

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